#Staymarried: A Couples Devotional: 30-Minute Weekly Devotions to Grow In Faith And Joy from I Do to Ever After

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“We’ve been searching for a great book to recommend to newlyweds, but have struggled to find one book that covers all of the most important bases. Michelle Peterson has finally written that book! With every page, she skillfully, thoughtfully and practically lays out God’s strategies to help you #staymarried.”
—Jesse & Marisa Butterworth, Pastors of Rain City Church, Bellevue, WA

“This book is a must-read for every couple who wants to get married and stay married. Michelle Peterson weaves scientific research and biblical truth into this collection of easy-to-read and relatable devotions, which in themselves are an easy and fun way for couples to grow deeper in their faith and closer with each other.”
—Rachel Terrill, Ph.D., Professor of Love and Communication, Lebanon, IN

#staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional is the kind of resource couples are fortunate to discover. Whether you’re gay or straight, Michelle’s heart and wisdom will enrich your marriage with thoughtful and accessible reflections on healthy relationship-building. The weekly devotionals are perfect for couples looking to strengthen their marriage bond.”
—David and Constantino Khalaf, creators of the blog Modern Kinship (daveandtino.com)

“The married couples who have achieved greatness are not just lucky. They were intentional with their time and put effort into their relationship. Michelle’s devotional is raw, authentic, and highly practical for the everyday couple looking for ways to connect. No matter where you’re at in your marriage, this will end up being the go-to resource you’ve been looking for.”
—Casey & Meygan Caston, founders of Marriage365.org

“Marriage is a spiritual path because it invites us to love ourselves, and love someone else better – especially when it is most difficult to do. #staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional helps all couples live the truth of lifelong love, and in so doing, helps each other become the people God calls forth. Just like your love, this devotional is a living companion you can revisit season after season.”
—Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD, associate professor of MFT and sex therapy at Seattle Pacific University, and author of Sex, God, and the Conservative Church- Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy

“It might surprise you to learn that the Bible doesn’t actually say very much about marriage. There’s the bit in Genesis that is then repeated in the New Testament, and then followed by the phrase, ‘this is a profound mystery.’ Michelle Peterson’s reflections are also profound and she does a great job at de-mystifying marriage. Her voice is sincere and winsome and her insights are sure to create meaningful conversation for any couple seeking to become more united.”
—Zach Brittle, LMHC, Couples Therapist and author of The Relationship Alphabet, Seattle, WA

“This book is filled with practical advice on what it takes to create a marriage that beats the odds. Every chapter is a powerful reminder of how small changes in awareness and actions can be the tipping point in any relationship.”
—Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor, Great Lakes Church, Kenosha, WI

“If you’ve ever wondered what people mean when they say, ‘Marriage is a lot of work,’ this book is for you. And this work is the most noble work you’ll ever do.”
—Nate Bagley, Founder of The Loveumentary Podcast, Salt Lake City, UT

About the Author

MICHELLE PETERSON is the force behind the #staymarried Blog and Podcast where she works with her husband, Tony, to help hundreds of thousands of couples around the world improve their marriages. Learn more at www.staymarriedblog.com.

30-minute Devotionals to Help Your Marriage Last a Lifetime“I do” is only the beginning of a successful marriage. Filled with inspiring scripture and thought-provoking questions, #staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional helps engaged couples and newlyweds strengthen their relationship with each other and God―in only 30 minutes a week.You and your spouse will learn to connect meaningfully and communicate honestly over the course of 52 couple’s devotionals. Guided discussions teach you to explore the joys and challenges waiting in your new life, while closing prayers offer you the chance to give thanks and meditate on what you’ve learned.#Staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional includes:NEWLYWED CHALLENGES―Explore common issues facing newlyweds with couple’s devotionals that speak to finances, intimacy, communication, and more.30-MINUTE COUPLE’S DEVOTIONALS―No matter how busy you and your spouse are, you’ll be able to find the time to grow your faith and faithfulness.MODERN ADVICE―Discover inclusive, open-minded guidance that applies to a wide range of couples and living situations.Keep your marriage happy and holy with #Staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional.


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Althea Press (May 23, 2017)





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