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“This book will revolutionize your marriage and give your sex life a turbo boost!”
Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Sheet Music and Have a Happy Family by Friday
 “Imagine having a conversation about sex over coffee with a wonderful mentor who is fun, funny, unashamedly Christian, and blunt! That’s what you will experience with this book. As a man reading, The Intimacy You Crave, I smiled often and thought ‘preach it sister’ even more often. Lu Williams is an amazing woman who makes the subject of sex, which can seem awkward, incredibly delightful and God-honoring. I loved the book and am so thankful that Lu has a deep passion to safeguard marriages.”
–Jim Burns, PhD, President, HomeWord, author of The Purity Code and Doing Life with Your Adult Children: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out
“Bold, loving, and humble are words that come to mind when I think of Lucille Williams. Her life is a testimony to Christ in how she has loved her family, pursued friendships, and invested herself in others’ lives. If you want to deepen your understanding and commitment to your marriage, this book is a must-read! No matter how long you’ve been married, you’ll be compelled to reexamine your marriage relationship and spice it up!!!”
Caleb Kaltenbach, Founder of The Messy Grace Group and author of Messy Grace and God of Tomorrow
“I so much appreciate Mike and Lucille Williams! They are both open, honest, and real. In The Intimacy You Crave, Lucille brings that same authentic and transparent attitude to a topic that frankly scares people, and she does so in a relevant way. This book is a must-read for every married couple no matter what age. Through entertaining and humorous stories, Lucille breaks down the awkwardness that can loom while discussing the topic of sex. I highly recommend this book!”
Craig Jutila, President Empowering Living Inc., author of Faith and the Modern Family
“Now married for 12 years, I wish I had this book in the early years of marriage as I struggled to deprogram my mind from what the world said sex is, and reprogram it according to the Word of God. The enemy has done a fantastic job of distorting what God created…sex. Lu challenges wives not to be conformed to the world’s view of sex but to transform and renew our minds with the Word of God. Every wife and engaged woman needs this book in her library. Shackles will fall off as wives turn each page. This book is a breath of fresh air. It’s liberating, empowering, and funny! Thank you, Lu, for your boldness and for this anointed work.”
Monique Robinson, Ordained Minister, author of Longing for Daddy
“Lu writes with wisdom and passion as she offers women no excuses to shrink away or disregard the sexual relationship with their spouse. She instead encourages and writes about both the mental and physical components of sex and offers biblical counsel in a real, humorous, and no-nonsense approach that will keep you laughing and engaged the whole way through.”
Cindy Marston, Director of Women’s Encounters, Shepherd Church
“As a Christian, I have often struggled bringing up the topic of sex among other Christian friends. I love that Lucille reminds us that sex is ‘God’s idea’ and his gift for married couples! Sex should be discussed and encouraged the right way. Through this encouragement, marriages will be strengthened and preserved! This book is engaging, enlightening, and an all-around must-have!”
Nakia Burrise, Producer, Writer and Actress on the TV series Atypical, Jane the Virgin, Hart of Dixie, and the original Yellow Power Ranger, nationally known motivational speaker
“This book is one all women should read—married or single. As a single woman, I feel as though I will be ahead of the game by getting a sneak peek of what to expect (or not expect). Lucille displays a combination of truth and humor to talk about a subject that everyone is thinking about, but no one dares to talk about. I have been privileged to witness her relationship with her husband on a week-to-week basis and have seen their healthy, fun, respectful marriage. Her lighthearted approach makes you feel like you are at a local coffee shop, while the content leaves you as though you just went through years of counseling. She is honest; she is relatable; she is real.”
Amanda Boddeker, Admissions Counselor at Dallas Theological Seminary
“The topic of sex within marriage carries with it such a secrecy and hush-hush attitude within much of the church, even today. And yet, it’s so widely exploited in media and so important in relationships. It is a topic that can be grossly misunderstood. Lucille tackles this topic in true ‘Lucille-style.’ She’s open, honest, transparent, and definitely does not beat around the bush. Wives will benefit from this no-nonsense, life applicable book. Lucille’s deep love for her husband and family is reflected in this book. It’s something she lives out daily and is evident in her life. Wives can benefit from her experience and her transparency. If you’re looking for a book that tells it like it is, this book is for you!”
Kathie Pisano, Pastor’s Wife, Real Life Church
“In a market that is filled with books that are sooo serious and formal, Lu sweeps in like that quirky, fun, irreverent big sister who can say anything and makes you blush. . .but who you might actually listen to.”
Shaunti Feldhahn, best-selling author of For Women Only

Book Description

Written by Lucille Williams, whose husband pastors at one of the largest churches in America, The Intimacy You Crave: Straight Talk about Sex and Pancakes is a transparent, surprisingly honest, and widely informative read that will inspire you to reform your sex life and safeguard your marriage.

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“In a market that is filled with books that are soooo serious and formal, Lu sweeps in like that quirky, fun, irreverent big sister who can say anything and makes you blush. . .but who you might actually listen to.” —Shaunti Feldhahn, best-selling author of For Women OnlySex advice. . . from a pastor’s wife? Oh my.Well, why not? Who better to give sound, biblical advice about what God actually has in mind for your sex life? From pastor’s wife and author Lucille (Lu) Williams comes The Intimacy You Crave: Straight Talk about Sex and Pancakes, a transparent, surprisingly honest, widely informative approach to transform your sex life and safeguard your marriage. Many women struggle with their sexuality and, unfortunately, too many settle for reading about romance rather than living it out in their own lives. Within the pages of The Intimacy You Crave are relatable, real-life fantasies and desires of everyday women—but more important are the step-by-step instructions and straight-talk about sex from a pastor’s wife that will challenge and equip you to work toward a greater intimacy that infiltrates every area of your married life. Whether you crave something as simple as a pancake breakfast together after “makin’ bacon in the bedroom” or a deep connection with your husband unlike anything you’ve experienced before, Lu’s unprecedented insights and step-by-step challenges will increase your desire and deepen a sexual intimacy that overflows into every area of  your married life. It’s time to say yes to great sex!Lucille Williams is an author, speaker, director, and coach who has been working with families for over 25 years. Straightforward, funny, engaging, genuine, and authentic, Lucille writes from her experiences as a pastor’s wife and deep devotion to her husband and children.


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